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During this Conference we will have a look into a number of current issues that need to be addressed all over Europe. Some of the solutions will, quite naturally, mostly apply to specific local conditions. However, each one of them can offer a good model that can be modified and used by many different actors in different environments.

Major issues that will be addressed are, in general, working solutions for persons with disabilities and, more specifically, solutions for people who have a history of substance abuse, who are homeless, who are immigrants in a new society, or who have mental health problems. Social integration by work is a great solution, because one person out of six has some kind of disability originating from a sickness, an accident, lack of education, or brought on by aging.

The Conference will address the following major topics in keynote and plenary sessions and panel discussions: Social economy and social entrepreneurship, Housing solutions for homeless people, and Migrant integration in Europe. The main part of the conference will take place in the form of dialogical presentations of more specified topics such as models and examples for starting up social firms, housing solutions for people with history of substance abuse or mental health problems, models for helping beggars, and recycling as a showcase of circular economy. The conference will also discuss and work on an action plan for social integration of migrants in Europe. Much of the conference will be spent networking with international colleagues during three interesting days on the cruise ship.

Social Firms Europe CEFEC is the only network of Social Firms across Europe. At a time when employment is increasingly difficult to be achieved by individuals who are at a significant distance from the labor market, there is a lot of useful experience and knowledge for solving these problems available on the 31st SFE CEFEC Conference to be shared. This year, we will focus on the special topic of social solutions worked out by Nordic actors – famous for the welfare society.

The Social Firms Europe CEFEC Annual Conference is organized by the Swedish company Rysseviken AB in close cooperation with the Finnish Foundation Vates.

We look forward to networking with you and showing you plenty of social solutions in September!

We refer the right to make changes in the program

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