Early bird ticket – participation fee is all inclusive

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Participation fee is all inclusive, it covers program, both aboard and ashore, cabins and all meals on the cruise ship (breakfast, lunch, coffee and snacks during breaks and dinner).

The difference in participation fee is due to your choice of cabin and whether the participants register as early-bird participant (possible until 15.6.2018) and is or is not a member of Social Firms Europe CEFEC.

You can register more than one person. If you do that you have to also fill in registration for that person. Notice that when you register yourself and other possible participants paying information is asked again, because the payer and registered participant need not be the same person. Prices VAT 0%.

Please let us know dietary restrictions, possible allergies and other special needs.

Participants outside EU-countries. Please note that if you do not have an EU passport and you want to travel to Sweden, you may be required to have a valid visa to enter the country. In some countries, the type of your passport can also determine whether you need a visa; for instance, a holder of a biometric passport in many non-EU European countries is not required to have a visa. Please check if you need a visa from the attached page well in advance to allow you the time to obtain the visa, if needs be, prior to the conference https://www.government.se/government-policy/migration-and-asylum/list-of-foreign-citizens-who-require-visa-for-entry-into-sweden/


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